Kaiodee, Benny, and Pip 
We love fall and Benny insists on having a bandana appropriate to the season at all times!  

Guatemala Days 9 & 10


Today, we began with a hearty breakfast and then prepared to head out, thanking our hosts profusely and petting as many of the animals good-bye as would sit still for it.

Of Kitties, Exhaustion, and Medical Errors

So I posted this on Facebook, but figured I should post it here too so the family can see it.  :)

Surgical Prep

Hitch Does Surgical Prep

Still working on finishing up my Guatemala blog series (so close!), so I thought I'd share something from professor in my Intro to Surgery class.

Dumb things that make me laugh

Upon first seeing the Denver International Airport, I immediately thought it was modeled after one of this wiggly-waggly caterpillars you see on nature shows that look kind of fun to play with but would probably totally kill you to death if you touched them.

GPS is trying to kill me


Yesterday, I was lucky enough to get a visit from Kansas from my pilot/ex-roommate/home-improvement-inspiration friend, Bob. Seriously, Bob’s awesome. Bob’s so awesome that I gave him a mug once reading, "All Hail Bob, the MacGyver of the Modern Age," and I wasn’t even being sarcastic. Gasp, shock, yes, I know.